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 Ahmad Keshavarzi

   Personal Details

  Surname: Keshavarzi

  Name: ahmad

  Date of birth: 1982



  Present Position: PHD student

  Department : Automotive Engineering

  Ph.D. Student , Iran University of science and technology, Tehran Iran

  Tel: +98-21-…

  Website E_mail: ahmadkeshavarzi

  Education and Qualifications

  i) University Degrees

  PHD student, Automotive Engineering, Iran University of science and technology,Tehran,Iran, 2009-until now

  MS Degree, Automotive Engineering, Iran University of science and technology,Tehran,Iran 2004-2007

  BS Degree,Mechanic Engineering, Kashan University,Kashan,Iran,2000,2004

  Teaching Experiences

  Dynamic, Vibration and Mashin Dynamic, Mechanic Department, Iau and Mut

  Conference Attendance

  Avesta Goodarzi, Ahmad Keshavarzi and Ebrahim Esmailzadeh, Modeling and Optimization of Air Suspension Systems Using Root Mean Square Method, Conference on Applications and Design in Mechanical Engineering (CADME07), Malaysia, 2007



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